Timing is Important in Developing Greatness

To be great at something or just to be great general certainly takes time. Developing can’t occur with having the mine wonder all over the place. That’s helpful to learn how to block out. To avoid wasting valuable time by responding. Not every situation needs or “deserves” a response. Greatness won’t happen overnight but with continuous action and changes. The greatness will set in. No one has to overwork in order to be great. 

Some will have different perceptions of exactly what greatness means. We’ll believe one thing others another. Moving backwards certainly won’t “produce” greatness. Moving too slow will delay greatness. Moving a steady pace can increase greatness. No need to move too fast doing so we’ll miss out on a lot. Of course no need to move too slow either. 

Some can see a person’s greatness from afar. Some become envious because they’re having to witness a person trying to excel in some way. Wanting a person or persons to stay at the same level. That’s so many produce a lot of distractions. Either trying to prevent or hinder elevation. Wanting other to stay at their level. Finding the most effective ways to keep the confidence and the motivation is so important. 

It’s difficult to complete tasks when there’s a lot of distracting events taking place. It’s best to work in a quiet room and try to keep out all of the hoopla. When some are observing progress they’ll want to throw a wrench in the deal . The wrench is like a weapon but remember the weapon may form but won’t prosper. The person or persons as they’re putting in the “effort.” 

Take the best advice about reaching greatness. Not everyone’s advice and suggestions should be taken in. Some may have motives and not give what’s needed. A lot of times it will be necessary to work alone. In fact more seems to get done that way. No matter how long it takes to reach a certain level. Never stop trying to do so. Continue to develop and get better. 

Continue to gain knowledge. Reading “informative” material. Watching videos are quite helpful. Never listen to the negatives. There will be a lot of chatter that’s projected in order to cause a cease in the development. Taking breaks is necessary. Must remain mentally functional. Rest and find some activities to engage in. Continue on. No matter who says what or what’s done. 

If there’s a setback. Get back on track. Setbacks doesn’t equal failure. Of course there will be so many who will dispute it. Trying to discourage but remain determined to advance. To be apart of prosperity. The hecklers can’t provide the tools needed to achieve greatness. They’re simply not equipped to do so. Don’t listen to their nonsense. “Continue make strides.” 

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