Tips for Cleaning Vertical Blinds & Why It Is Important

It is vital that you keep your vertical blinds clean to ensure longevity, when it comes to extending the life cycle of any product, maintenance is the most important factor. Not many people enjoying cleaning, but it is a necessary chore that keeps our homes free from germs and other unwanted organisms. If you neglect cleaning duties, you leave you and your family in a vulnerable position. Here are some tips for cleaning vertical blinds and why it is so important to do so.

Vertical Blinds

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Why clean vertical blinds in your home?

Whether your home is draped in fashionable vertical blinds in Newcastle Upon Tyne, or wood venetians in Whitely Bay, it is important to keep them clean for numerous reasons. The most obvious reason is to kill germs and bacteria on the surface of the product. The great thing about having vertical blinds is that they don’t gather as microorganisms as window dressings such as conventional curtains. They are made from a material which doesn’t promote micro bacterial growth, if you leave your blinds unattended, you allow germs to fester and find a home. This is bad news for you and other members of your family, particularly children. If you don’t maintain a clean environment the occupants of your home will get sick, they may even need medical attention if they have certain allergies.

Another good reason to clean vertical blinds is to increase their life cycle, you want to get value for money, so why not maintain the product from the beginning. If you keep the blinds clean and dust free they won’t suffer from deterioration, once they’re kept clean, you won’t see any rust appearing on fixtures or fittings. There are numerous good reasons to keep your vertical blinds clean, here are some basic tips on blind maintenance.

clean vertical blinds

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Tips for Maintaining Vertical Blinds


It is important to regularly clean your vertical blinds just as you would any other household furniture, the more effort you put into maintaining an item the longer it will last. Before you decide to wipe your blinds with a damp cloth, it is better to get rid of excess dust with a feather duster. Feather dusters are more practical that rags because they don’t push dirt into corners, they lift it off the blinds.


After you’ve finished dusting, you can use a damp cloth to clean each slat to ensure it is spotlessly clean and free of germs. It is easier to leave the blinds hanging, rather than removing them from the wall, if you take them down you may have trouble reconnecting them to their fittings. You can use a mild detergent or specialised cleaning product to guarantee you get a successful result.

If you have any reservations about cleaning your vertical blinds, you can contact your supplier or the manufacturer to request additional information. They are an investment that is worth protecting, so regular maintenance is important to increase the products life cycle. If you’re hesitant about touching your blinds, you can always call a professional cleaner.

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