Tips on safe online shopping

Using the Internet for shopping for goods and services saves a considerable amount time and effort, and the product range is much wider than the one in regular stores. However, there are of course some risks associated with online shopping even if you are buying something as petty as . used baby items. Remember, you should always be careful when choosing a product, a seller, a payment method and so on.

online shopping

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What are the risks and dangers that you could encounter when buying on the Internet?

  • Fraud involving your credit cards as a result of you making payment through unprotected web pages;
  • Fake websites that offer goods that they are not in possession of;
  • Buying fake goods, intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Getting a product or service that does not match the product description.

Before you start online shopping, you should do the following: choose a reputable store on the Internet, and make the transactions only on secure pages that guarantee the security of your payments.
Tips for safe shopping:

The seller
Make sure that the online seller has a positive reputation. Find out their physical location, contact information etc. Usually, sellers who provide quality services have this information available and easily accessible.

Pay with a credit card
Remember that banks have a higher level of protection for credit cards in particular, not for debit cards. Thus, they are less vulnerable to fraud.

Check your order
Before placing your order, check all the details of the information you provided. Make sure you stated the correct address, telephone number etc. It is important to provide accurate information!

What’s more, you should use the latest version of your browser whether it is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari etc.

Online Shopping

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Store your passwords.
Make sure you keep your passwords in special apps like 1Password. In addition, come up with a good password preferably one which contains both number and special characters.

Keep the receipts
This is a proof of the purchase you have made. You need to keep the receipts in case you decide to return the item.

Update your anti-virus database.
You can increase the security of your personal data and reduce the risk of catching a virus by simply updating your antivirus databases and other systems protecting your computer.

Do a small purchase first
Before buying a lot of expensive things, try purchasing something small. For instance, if you wish to buy a sewing machine for $300, we would recommend waiting a little bit and trying to purchase a less expensive item first. This way, you can access the quality of the service, the delivery time, the packaging condition and the quality of the goods you have purchased. If you are satisfied, you can make more expensive purchases afterward.

In conclusion, we can say that If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to avoid a leakage of personal information and you are likely to get the product that you have purchased.

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