To Make the Cross Over

In order “to advance” in any way there will have to be a decision to make some modifications. There will need to be some who should be left behind. There’s a lot of people who are afraid to leave behind others because of what they’ll say or think. In order to progress doing so will need to be done. There are so many who are willing to pull others down. For some it’s through fear or envy. Not wanting to see others get ahead and even the ones who are highly successful won’t allow others to progress. 

They’ll try all sorts of tactics to get others to stop doing what they’re doing. Some call their actions. “crabs in a bucket, “crab mentality,” or “crab in a barrel.” No successful person stopped to give attention to the hecklers every time they’ve heckled. The distractions will come and there will be a lot of people who will try to irritate others. Some are just cruel or not happy with their situation. Holding others back isn’t beneficial. Not allowing others to make a move from one point to another doesn’t seem fair. 

Don’t be surprised what so many will come up with. Some will go as far as to ruin a persons whole life in order to make sure they’re not “prospering.” There are some who are so in tuned with making other people’s lives more difficult. No matter how many times a person is told to stop trying to achieve. No person should do so. So many just give because they’re afraid of facing so many critics. There’s no way to avoid the criticism unless one plans on doing nothing at all. 

“The journey” certainly isn’t an easy one and of course there will be those times when the naysayers just continue to try and get under a person’s skin. No amount of words should cause any dreamer or visionary to stop trying to move along. Some will have to confront some of the individuals at some point but even then there should be a right way to do so. Some aren’t concerned about how others are getting along. Some are more in tuned with trying to cause disruptions for others. 

Although there will be a lot of adversity on a journey. There is no reason to stop. No matter how many times one is told to do so. The process may seem long but eventually a person will make it to their own selective destination. Not one that’s chosen  by another in due time the crossing over to point a to point b will occur. No matter how many try to stop what’s bound to happen. 

“Never Stop a Dream, a Vision, or Stop Being Creative Because of the Critics.” BY: 

Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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