Today I’m Going to Try This Nutrition and Diet Tip

Weight Loss After BabyDo you constantly feel like you’re trying to lose weight?

I do. I didn’t always feel that way, but since my second baby was born I feel like it’s been a losing battle to get rid of the extra around the middle.
I’ve always been pretty active, and I’ve always been interested in nutrition and best healthy-lifestyle practices.
So whenever I see articles about weight loss, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, etc., I almost always click on them. Today it was an article from CNN titled “11 simple weight loss tips.” Of course, most of the advice was common run-of-the-mill type tips. There was one, however, that I hadn’t read before.
“No. 1: Table. Plate. Chair.”
In essence, the tip said you should always have those three things when you eat. That way, you prevent yourself from snacking all day and eating on the go. It forces you to slow down and pay attention to what you’re eating. Basically, it forces you to eat more mindfully.
I can see where this tip would be helpful, and I think I’ll try to implement it in my life more frequently. I’m eager to see how much it helps me!

What do you do to try to maintain healthy eating habits? 

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