Today is Going to be a Good Day – A Personal Post

Hey all – it has been a long time since I’ve posted something here.  Part of the problem is that I have too many places to post things.  I’m all over the place!

One of the blogs I  have is Dani.Space – it’s a personal blog.  I am pretty random there.  I’m thinking of giving the site an over-haul and using it more as a homebase than a blogging platform.  Instead of posting blog posts there, I’d post them here and then put a notification on the site that I’ve got something new here.  Or something like that. I haven’t completely got it figured out.

I think that curating what I write in one place might be a better idea instead of having yet another blog though.

Has anyone else ever done this kind of thing?  I am sure I’ve seen other people doing it.  I think I need to think about that some more though.  I need to figure out how it would work.


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On other fronts, I’m working on fiction still.  I’m starting a new pen name and I’ve been writing quite a bit.  I have a plan to write this interconnected series of short stories.  They will be standalone stories on their own but they are connected in that the characters know each other. They are all from the same town.  But of course, their experiences and lives are all different.  

I’ve seen other authors do this with success and I think it is a neat idea.  I’m still working on the details but I am interested to see what will happen with this.  

They are all romance stories (and one novel in the works) with a high degree of heat.  It is a genre that I like writing in and that I think I am pretty good at.  

The toughest part is going to be building a readership from scratch and marketing a new pen name.  I’ll use a pen name that is already developed for some cross-promotion type of stuff but mostly the work will need to be done completely from scratch


I’m still waitressing.  But it is really wearing on me. Physically, working any more than 4 days in a week is completely exhausting.  Emotionally, dealing with some of my co-workers is exhausting (why can’t anyone just work what they are schedule to work for the most part? I get that life happens but when it happens every bloody week you have to question how genuine they are).  Walking a mile to and from work each day is tiring.

So, I applied for another job. It’s full-time and it is more along the lines of my experience in the work force and my education. It’s a block from my house.  And the pay is awesome.  I’d get to do a lot of things that I really like doing and it would be interesting and challenging.  I got to talk to the person that is in charge of hiring today and I got some really good vibes.  I also know one person that works there and I know someone that is on the board.  I think I have a really good chance of getting it.

Of course, I’ll always be here to work on the sites.  I don’t get to put as much time into them as I used to but I love these sites (Daily Two Cents, Writedge, The Daily Voice News, Craft Closet, Pen Strokes, Honest Reviewz, and Trendzic).  If you’re looking for a place to write, our sites are strong.  We’ve been around for several years now and we get good traffic.  And even though I work outside of the home now, both me and Michelle are committed to helping people when they need it.  

You can see all of our sites and descriptions of them and how you can apply on the Harlow-McGaw Media blog.

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