Today’s Free Android App – Kids Paint

Kids Paint Book Cover Kids Paint

Kids Paint is today's paid Android app that's available for free from Amazon.

This is a painting programme aimed at children. It's a very simplistic programme, without any of the bells and whistles you would normally expect, and you also lack as much control, as you can't choose the brush colours.

The app is currently rated 2.7/5 from 12 reviews on Amazon. There are a number of poor reviews, some because of problems with the app - it seems that the Nexus 7 and Kindle had problems downloading it - and others who felt it was quite a poor paint programme. The problem with the latter is really because it's aimed at children, and probably quite young ones, who want to create something colourful, and who are probably less concerned about creating great art. A bigger problem is that some of the features don't work on every device.

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