Today’s Free Android App – Looking for Laika

Looking for Laika Book Cover Looking for Laika

Looking for Laika is today's paid Android app that's available for free from Amazon.

In this game you have to rescue your dog, who has been kidnapped by aliens (incidentally, Laika was the name of the dog the Soviet Union sent into space). This is done by jumping from spinning and bouncing platforms. You have to collect a key then make your way to the exit. There are two game modes, Classic and Story.

The game is currently rated 2.4/5 from 8 reviews on Amazon. There are a number of poor reviews; it appears that the game is a bit too much for older devices. It's also rather difficult to play. The player and the things you bounce off are a bit on the tiny side, and it seems extremely difficult to actually complete a level through anything other than luck. That may improve with practice, but the learning curve is probably too steep for the majority of players.

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