Tomorrowland Book- A World Beyond 1952 Movies

Is there a Tomorrowland book based on the movie? Was a Tomorrow Land book used as the basis for the movie in the first place? This article will answer that question for fans of the film, which is also called A World Beyond in some regions.

As far as several fans of sci fi and adventure or even fantasy are concerned, the Tomorrowland movie is a real contender for its own place on a list of memorable films. It explores the idea of travel and the future, specifically time travel. It will appeal to younger audiences as well as older adults since it has characters of all ages making an impact on their destiny or fate through their choices in the movie.

Audio Animatronic Robots and More

Audio Animatronic Robots and more space age devices are seen throughout the movie. We still haven’t reached the point where each of us or at least each household, has its own hover car like in the Jetsons but this movie, like many others, reminds us that robots and robotics are increasingly a part of our lives.

People in the film take some risks and to some extent that’s to be expected. I mean, you can’t exactly play it safe and be willing to step into a teleportation device. At one point Casey breaks into NASA. Inventor Frank’s own risk taking behavior may have been what got him thrown out of Tomorrowland.

The Tomorrowland movie trailer is below and gives some insight into what to expect from both the Tomorrowland movie and the futuristic Tomorrowland book.


What Really Influenced Tomorrowland? A World Beyond 1952

A Tomorrowland book was not used to develop the Tomorrowland movie. The movie is based on the ideas of Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof, both of whom always had a positive view of the future since they were children. This long standing hope may have affected their choice of the characters and the shifting between adulthood and the boy inventor age with Frank, who is played by George Clooney.

The theme parks at Disney also influenced the film. A World Beyond 1952 is or was the dream of Nicola Tesla, Walt Disney and several other scientific and artistic pioneers. “The Tomorrowland attractions have been designed to give you an opportunity to participate in adventures that are a living blueprint of our future,” Walt Disney.


Tomorrowland book- A World Beyond 1952 Movies

Tomorrowland book- A World Beyond 1952 Movies


 This optimistic book is great for people who loved the movie. It is based on the movie and reveals more of the story behind it. Tomorrowland (The Junior Novel) Miles from Tomorrowland is also a fascinating read for fans of the movie.

The  Tomorrowland theme park built at Disney in 1956 is said to be a cover for the real thing in the Tomorrowland movie. The movie makes reference to something that is rumored to have happened in real life, when the characters ask what would happen if all the geniuses decided to change the world. This movie makes reference to Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, also stating that Walt Disney was one of the visionaries.



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