Not much has changed in the bathroom over the years: people go in to brush their teeth, shave and shower and all the rest. Another thing that hasn’t changed is that too many of those daily used items end up being left on the counter or in the sink or bathtub when the door closes. Tooletries aimed to eliminate the clutter by providing the means for keeping things “in their place” and expanding that “place” to include not just the sink, but the tub as well. And without any drilling or invasive issues whatsoever.

So you go to brush your teeth, for example. Instead of sticking the toothbrush in a cup or leaving it by the sink, the MIGHTY TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER grips it firmly and lets it drain because it’s vertical. Stuck to a mirror or any shiny surface — no suction cups to give out over time or adhesives to dirty the room’s look — a non-invasive sticking system back keeps it in place. It even has space to hold other small items that need a permanent home.

And by the same token, there’s also the MIGHTY RAZOR HOLDER by itself — doing a yeoman job of keeping the razor (not electric) in place and readily available. It stays in position in the same manner as the MIGHTY TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER, with the ability to let the razor drain and dry, and grips to those shiny surfaces like glass, mirrors, tiles, marble, even metal. Being waterproof, it can live in the shower, making for easy access to those who prefer shaving with water cascading down on them.

So it makes sense then that the MIGHTY MIGHTY MIRROR can also be placed in the shower (helps to see what you’re doing when you take a blade to one’s face, right?). It also makes sense that the mirror should be shatterproof, waterproof and — most important of all — anti-fog so it can be seen. So it is.

None of the Tooletries are exorbitantly priced (Mirror/$12.99, Razor Holder/$6.99, Toothbrush Holder/$17.99) and with the exception of the Mirror, come in a number of color choices to match the decor. But it’s the fact that they exist that gives you the biggest choice of all — being able to get those items you use over and over off the counter and where they need to be to be used more effectively.

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