Tottenham Hotspur qualified for the Champions League, a busy season lies ahead

mauricio pochettino

During the 2015-16 season of the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur managed to finish in the 3rd spot and this allows the English club on qualifying for the Champions League in this new season. This is the first time in the history of Tottenham Hotspur that they have been able to automatically qualify to the European competition.

Earlier in August, Harry Kane expressed his joy in being able to compete in the European competition as the top goal-scorer of the Premier League of the previous season said that he is excited about what’s lying ahead with these new challenges and that the Champions League is what they have always been aiming for.

Being able to qualify and compete in the Champions League is something that every top club wants to achieve but at the same time, this also brings a new layer of difficulty towards Tottenham Hotspur as the Premier League club will have to play a significant higher amount of matches in this new season and this could affect Mauricio Pochettino and his squad’s campaign in the Premier League.

With more matches being played, this means that Pochettino’s team will have a bigger chance to risk of getting injured.

The captain of Tottenham Hotspur, Hugo Lloris is also excited about the progression that his club has been experimenting, especially since the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino as the Argentine coach is indeed pushing the Premier League club to new heights that they have never reached before but now the real challenge begins as the club has to face off against big European clubs while also keeping track of their original objective of making a genuine charge for the top spots of the Premier League.

The 2 opening matches of the season that Tottenham Hotspur has played, has seen them facing off with Everton and Crystal Palace. The team of Mauricio Pochettino managed to secure 1 victory and 1 draw from these matches.

It’s not a perfect start of a season but its still a good way to kick-off their campaign which is only going to get more difficult.

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