Toy Hunting

The above video is an example of an interesting Hobby that many people on Youtube see to have. It’s called Toy Hunting. There are people such as Chad Allen (the user in this video), TheCrazyPonyLady, MommyandGracie, HeythatsMike and many others who are Toy Collectors (Mainly Dolls it seems) who in their spare time, film themselves going Toy Shopping. They go to Target, Toys R Us, American Girl, Walmart, etc in search of the newest toys they are wanting to collect.

Often times in addition to their Toy Hunting videos, they will post reviews of toys they’ve purchased, and tell you how well they work and if they are worth the money. One of the funnest things they tend to do, is purchase and open blind bags/boxes. Those are those little boxes or bags you find where you do not know what toy figure your going to get until you actually open them.

Since many youtubers don’t discuss their personal lives, I’m not sure what any of these people do in their working lives, but they must make decent money to be able to spend so much on their hobby.

TheCrazyPonyLady focuses quite a bit on My Little Pony. I think it’s pretty neat, to be honest. Yes, it’s probably silly of me to lay there at night, watching other random people toy shopping, but I find it to be kind of relaxing and entertaining. It makes me feel like a kid again, actually!

Mike and Holly of Hey Mike always do blind bag openings weekly. From them I learned what Shopkins and Zelf toys are. These seem to be quite popular toys for this upcoming Holiday Season.

Check them out, if your interested. Some of these people actually do really interesting things, like remove the face paint off of popular toy dolls, and repaint them how they want them to look. All you have to do is search “Toy Hunting”.

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