Track Just About Anything with the MYNT ES

Bluetooth trackers have become the norm — you pair it with an app on your phone so it can keep you advised as to where it is. Obviously that means it gets attached to something worth keeping an eye on; be it a laptop or keys or used as a tag with clothing or on a dog’s leash. You get the idea. So to differentiate one tracker from another requires both its physical design as well as its usability to stand out. Both of which the MYNT ES, a smart Bluetooth tracker takes care of handily.

The MYNT ES is extremely small and ubiquitous, seeing as how it’s all of 2” long, 1” wide and 1/8th thick. That makes it small enough to hide inside clothing or a briefcase or a suitcase or camera case or in a purse compartment or wallet — really, as long as the Bluetooth signal can make it through, the possibilities are huge. Additionally, thanks to the MYNT ES itself being flat, hiding it inside clothing is also doable. Add a built-in hole and besides placing it or sticking it, you can also attach it to small objects or clip it onto something.

Because there’s a distance indicator, the MYNT ES can also be used as a simple system for finding that missing car (sure you can run around the lot hitting your key fob and listening/looking for flying lights and horns, but why would you?). Just leave it in the car and use the app’s mapping view with a walking directions to get you back to your car (the trick is that MYNT ES records the location where you parked, providing you leave it there). And because it’s so small and minuscule, what’s the big deal of taking it from one location to another? There’s no reason you’re stuck with putting this little Bluetooth tracker in one place and having to leave it there.

Now what about finding an item that you have attached the MYNT ES to? Just press the time icon on the app and it will beep so you can more easily find it. Another thing is that the MYNT ES makes it easy to find your phone if it “disappears” — since it’s a bi-directional device, just give the app a long press to have the phone ring so you can more easily find it. There it is, on the Starbucks table that you just got up and walked away from.

All this is working through a free iOS/Android app, which covers a wide range of services and will provide you with real-time alerts — for sure you get alerted if the MYNT ES is leaving outside the range of a preset area, for example.

Another aspect and newer is crowd sourcing services — a more tech-y way of saying that reporting a lost item (be that a thing or a person) can go out to others using the app and should someone be within 150 feet of your lost item, that network of other people (numbering in the hundreds of thousands) can help you find it. Obviously that means thy can let you know through the app.

The MYNT ES has a 6 month replaceable battery and is priced very competitively at $14.99. It supports iOS, Android and Mac OS X platforms.

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