The Tricks the Enemy Uses to Control Others

The main tactic the enemy will use is to try to attack the mind. Create illusions and have some believe they’re incapable. Mind control is a tactic that’s been used for a long time. If the mind becomes weak then not much will be “accomplished.” Another tactic used is division. Dividing families, having children believe they’re unwanted or they’re mother’s and father’s are against them. To create war and disruptions so there’s no unity amongst the people. 

Sending many tricks to have others believe they’re not in good hands. God and Jesus Christ never forsakes no matter how many individuals turn their backs. There will never be a disconnection from God and Jesus unless individuals choose to disconnect. Satan uses people because Satan isn’t so tough.” The individuals will use hate”, encourage depression, and try to create fear in order to gain control. That’s why God encourages His Children to put on “The Full Armor of God” and to keep the Armor on. 

The armor is necessary because “we’re in constant battle” with evilness and wickedness in high places. There’s a lot of darkness meaning dark spirits. Light will shine even when the darkness comes rolling in. The enemy will use words to try and cause sadness. Satan overjoyed when God’s Children are in a state of depression. Depression isn’t normal. It’s used to cause weakness. The ones who are called with be attacked the most. 

The only way “to defeat” the enemy is through prayer, the word, and the armor. Satan can never defeat God. The reason Satan is in the pit of hell is because Satan wanted to control God and the other Angels in Heaven. His punishment was to never set foot in Heaven again. Satan may spend a lot of time in churches. That’s why so many churches are divided. Fighting and creating conflicts in order to gain certain positions within the church. 

Anyone displaying acts of kindness or demonstrating their God given abilities will certainly be attacked. When the devil uses people, they’ll start to behave abnormally, they’ll try to create war and have others create distractions in order to gain what they believe are tools which can make the individuals more powerful. Some have been controlling others for so long. Although some may attend church. They’re attending hasn’t create wholeness because they’re never in “the word.” 

Just having desires to get one another down. Husbands will want to become powerful so they’ll attack their wives. Put their wives down, compete against their wives, the acts aren’t Godly. That’s why the divorce rates are so high. Non supportive husbands. Men wanting to get ahead doesn’t matter if they’re knocking others down to do so. Attacking women. They’re controlled either by the money or the power. 

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” Through Every Trial There Will be Breakthroughs. God Made a Strong People and we Shall Continue.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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