Top 3 models of Triton ATM machines

This is not an understatement that many businesses today are well versed with the alternative of generating profits by employing an ATM machine in their premises, as more than half of the urban population makes use of ATMs whether in convenience store, restaurants or elsewhere. Such a scenario has ultimately rendered a great lucrative appeal to this prospect of investing in an ATM machine. Therefore, for businesses who have decided to incorporate an ATM machine but are hesitant in making an investment in an altogether new ATM or are already into the business but want a better service; we at ATM Money Machine ensure this by offering used ATM machines which are in top notch condition. We offer great deals on various ATM machines available from the best of the brands manufacturing credible ATMs. These used yet efficient ATM models are validated by our experts by a sanctified procedure. as offering them on lease or low price, free placements and even helping businesses to make a start in ATM ventures.  Have no doubt in your mind regarding our ATMs on offer as we ensure you of their good working conditions and services even when they are second-hand.

ATM Machine

Triton is one such expert brand of ATM manufacturer in the market, renowned for their quality production of ATM machines which are reliable, cost-effective and offer hassle-free working solutions for various user purposes. The following top 3 models of Triton which in capacity are used ATM machines can be a great investment in making a start in this arena:

Triton ATM 9700

  • The 9700 series of Triton are a low cost, reliable and totally customizable ATM as per location; which offers great value for money for any business’ investment.
  • Specifically developed for locations like retail, food service, hospitality which are usually characterized by heavy traffic and volume transactions as it can be specially configured to suit the purposes of any retail business.
  • Triton 9700 series is also compliant with existing and proposed ADA regulations and are fully loaded with modular options for the ease of the user.

Triton ATM 9800

  • The Triton ATM 9800 is not only cost effective but also redefines PC-based ATM market. Consisting of 12.1” high brightness LCD along with the Windows 2000 operating system renders complete control over the transaction screen.
  • Also compliant with the ADA regulations, both proposed and existing, it offers additional revenue generating opportunities such as full-motion video advertising or side car options.

Triton Argo ATM

  • Introduced as the future of ATM by Triton itself, the Argo ATM features an updated gen-x design consisting of additional features security, easy-to-read keypad and larger screen.
  • It is an eco-friendly, print-less model that helps in saving costs as the carbon footprint of the machine is reduced.
  • Its other beneficial features include six dispenser options, lighted keypad, capacitive touch screen, e-receipt, surveillance camera provision, EMV Ready, NFC capable.

They do say that old is gold. These used Triton ATM machines on the very same lines are an investment worth it’s weight in gold. Having undergone the grills of financial jargon, these Triton ATM models will indeed prove to be warhorses for your regime.

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