True Breed of The American Saddlebred

True Breed of The American Saddlebred

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The true breed of the American Saddlebred horse, formerly known as the “Kentucky Saddler” originated in the southern states of America. This warm blooded horse was created from five other horse breeds, the Thoroughbred, the Morgan, the Spanish horse, the Narragansett Pacer, and the Norfolk Roadster. The Norfolk Roadster is responsible for handing down the remarkable posture that this horse breed possesses. Sometime around the 18th century this breed of horse was used in the Revolutionary War. The American Saddlebred is known for its variety of special gaits. This breed clearly shows the walk, trot, and canter with a high three-gaited action. This breed of horse also exhibits a five-gaited movement when performing the slow gait and the rack.

The characteristics of the true breed of the American Saddlebred horse is highly noticed by its proud standing conformation and its long arched neck. There is one particular type of horse breed it somewhat resembles, it is called the Tennessee Walker horse. The American Saddlebred breed comes in any color and black seems to be more common within this type of breed. While standing at least 15 hands high, with tall slender legs, this elegant breed is an eye-catcher for any horse lover. The American Saddlebred horse can grow as tall as 17 hands high. Its head is held proudly high and so is the tail. The shape of the muzzle is small and the eyes are bold. The hair is thin, shiny and smooth. Its neck is set high into the pronounced shoulders. The outstanding beauty this type of horse breed carries in movement is just breathtaking. The American Saddlebred horse possesses great stamina and is always very alert. While being such a gentle breed, it is also an excellent listener and a people pleaser. This breed of horse can carry on a lifespan up to 30 years of age if provided for properly.

Today the American Saddlebred is used for show, pleasure, and under the saddle. Although being a show horse seems to be more popular, this breed of horse is also used in a variety of competitive sports including jumping and hunting. Carriage pulling and entertainment purposes are just a few more uses. History states that General Ulysses S. Grant, Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee all have proudly owned and ridden an American Saddlebred. This outstanding breed of a horse has been around for many memorable centuries and will continue to grow and prosper in popularity in the many centuries to come.

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