Trump: The Good, Bad, and Ugly. (Letters from Ned)

Donald Trump.

Dear Runbum,

I know your dislike of Trump, and contempt for politics in general, but please hear me out. We agree on most things, so I think you’ll see my point.

As a 2012 Ron Paul delegate, I have to admit I enjoy Trump exposing the Republican Party’s duplicity, mendacity, elitism, and crass manipulation (bully tactics). Now the Trump people are getting a taste of the Ron Paul treatment. If the Republican Party falls apart as a result, Trump is actually doing us all a big favor.

Ron Paul calls out the establishment media for manufacturing the KKK story to slam Trump – even though Paul dislikes Trump. That’s standing on principle.

Obama poses in mosques as a friend of Muslims. Hillary condemns Trump’s Islamophobic statements. Both are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims. Trump calls for pulling out of the wars. Is something wrong with this picture?

Do I go gaga over Trump? No way. But ironically, despite his awful comments about Muslims, his foreign policy proposals are actually better than all of the other candidates. Sure, that’s a sad statement – but true. He’s the only candidate calling to end the insane policy of endless Middle East interventions. And for just lettng the Russians do their good work in wiping out the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

That is the real reason Trump scares so many in the establishment. Foreign policy. They worry that somehow Trump will get in the White House and be another JFK, foiling their attempts at military aggression. Just take a look at neocon Robert Kagan’s endorsement of Hillary and read between the lines. Ever since JFK, the establishment has tightly clamped down on the presidential election process to ensure only compliant puppets make it into that office.

(Trump exposes the dirty little secret. It’s not about “left” versus “right.” It’s about ordinary Americans versus a small cabal of elitists really running the show. And their shills.)

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