Trump handlers staging his speeches

Trump handlers staging his speeches. I never thought I would see the day when Donald is using teleprompters, reading his speech that his handlers approved. Don’t believe fake Trump. He may sound like a rational person, but deep inside his raging, ranting, racist spews are being choked down.

Remember all the outrageous things he has said in the past and know that now his family and new campaign managers are managing him. They are trying to make him sane when we all know otherwise.
Don’t be fooled by fake Trump.
He’s still the same old good ole boy who is mad as hell that old white dudes are no longer the ones running things in America. A new country, a fair and equal country is coming soon, and they are scared straight
Trump’s audience is mostly white, people who can’t adapt to the new concept of diversity. Why would some of those white men want wage equity for women? And why would want to pay their women employees more, since those very companies have been getting a sweet deal paying women 78 cents on the dollar that a man makes doing the same job? Come on people evolve. It’s right and it’s the right thing to do. Hillary would get that done and we all know that. It’s a sexist, misogynistic resistance to treating women fairly?

When you listen to Donald, remember the line in the Wizard of Oz “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”, he’s the same out of control hater he’s always been. He’s got the NRA in his back pocket, lying that Hillary will abolish the 2nd Amendment. The NRA is so influential with the Republicans that they voted down rational safe gun laws that would prevent someone on the “no fly list” from buying a machine gun.

He tells lies about Hillary, a woman who for decades has empowered children, girls, and women, and has been working her way, with integrity, toward the goal of being our first woman President. She is highly respected by other Congresspeople and the countries she served as Secretary of State. She is truly the most experienced, come on people Dump that chump?
Don’t believe the fake Trump.

Trump handlers staging speeches

LisetteBrodey / Pixabay

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