Trump: I could stand in the middle of 5th Ave and shoot someone and they would still like me.

Do you feel stuck in the middle with Trump? He said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th ave and shoot someone and they would still like me. Did you know that 33 percent of Americans voted for Trump and those 33 percents are still supportive of him? Donald Trump has a 33 percent approval rating as of today. How do you feel about a man like him representing America around the world? If you feel stuck in the middle with Trump then you are the other majority of people who do not like the way Trump is running our country.

Are you one of the deplorables? Who would still vote for him even if he stood in the middle of 5th ave and shot someone? Yes, I said it, the word deplorable. It’s this 33 % of Americans who would like this President even when he trashes our reputation around the world. Can’t you see the eyes of world leaders, how they mock him with their eyes? No one believes that Trump could do anything but bloviate about how he’s a winner, how he’s a puffed up, ignorant of the facts guy who always has to win at whatever the cost.

Well, today they indicted two of his campaign staff who seem to have colluded with Russia so that they could release negative emails about Hillary, all so that he could win the election. Because that’s what he’s all about, he has to win, at whatever costs he has to pay. No matter who gets hurt. He’s a sad little man who knows his days are numbered. Mueller has what it takes to bring Trump down, and he knows it.

Who would have thought that a candidate who’s a millionaire with a TV show where he says “You’re fired!” would win the election. Over a woman who had all the experience, who had followed the rules like the men before her, who ran for president, who should have won but didn’t. I can only think about all the good she could have, would have done for women and girls, that now will never see the light of day. It’s your daughter or your granddaughter who will suffer by the fact that Trump won. Do you care?

Trump in the middle of 5th Ave.

Perlinator / Pixabay

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