Trump Insinuates Hillary is a dog

Trump insinuates that Hillary is a dog in his political ad. That’s right. First he calls women fat slobs, dogs, and bimbos. Then, he calls Hispanics rapists and says Megyn Kelly has “blood coming out of her…whatever”. He disses John McCain, saying he isn’t a war hero because he was a prisoner. He doubts that black lives matter.
Trump is all about making people angry, angry that the world isn’t like the way it used to be, all white. Does this pompous ass ever say anything rational and without anger?
Donald is showing his true colors and it’s a dark, dark color.

He incites violence at his rallies, tells the crowd, “Go ahead and hit that protester. I’ll pay for a lawyer to represent you?” Today he said that if he doesn’t get the number needed for the nomination, and it would go into an open election at the convention that “there will be riots” if he doesn’t get his way.

And this is a guy we want to be our President? No wonder the GOP party is trying to derail him. What an embarrassment it would be if he did get elected? Can’t you hear the fingernails scraping down a chalkboard near you?

In Trumps political ad he shows Hillary barking like a dog. And then shows Putin laughing, splicing the two together trying to make you think Putin is laughing at Hillary.
I can hardly wait for Hillary to tear him a new…well you get my drift.

Dump Trump

johnsanderson12 / Pixabay

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