Trump misses his old life, Howard Stern speaks the truth

Trump misses his old life, Howard Stern speaks the truth. Howard said, very early, that Trump didn’t think he would win the election and that he misses his life. A life where most people pandered to his every need and want. He’s been exposed as a sexual assaulting, p**** grabbing, racist and misogynist, who thought he wouldn’t win. But America’s got it wrong, and the reason he won wasn’t anything Hillary did, it was that all the wingnuts came out of the woodwork to vote for make America white again.

A group of people who usually don’t vote. They were so mad that a black man had been President eight years that they were damned if they would vote for a woman. These people hated anyone who isn’t white, they loved the wall, they loved the Muslim ban. Having Bannon in his white house and all the other billionaires was a way to promote the “Alt-right agenda. And he did it under the guise of ‘Draining the Swamp” when in fact he was building the same old swamp that he said he was going to destroy. This under the noses of American’s. Many of us saw this sham, saw Trump as the modern day “Trojan Horse” and inside that horse lay the snake, the real Donald Trump. The snake poem he quoted again the other day, to divide immigrants into a snake-like menace that the old woman lets into the house only to come home one day and get bitten by that snake she helped house and fed. He’s that snake.

These unevolved men, these old, white dudes by trying to defund Planned Parenthood want women to stay pregnant and in the kitchen. It was their signal that they wanted women to stay out of board rooms and especially the Presidency.

So Howard, in this regard I am a big fan (but usually you are just as anti-woman than Trump and his buddies like OReilly and Ailes. Men have to change and it’s that resistance that helped get Trump elected. I never thought I would be telling Howard that he’s spot on, the reason why is another blog post entirely.

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