Trump on Quaaludes

Trump on Quaaludes. If you heard Trumps’ speech today on foreign policy you would think he was on something. Gone was all the yelling, gone was the stupid remarks. Trump is being handled by people who are telling him to fake this calm personality and he could fool American’s into believing he is a reasonable person. Not!

Don’t believe the fake Trump. Don’t forget the way he insulted Hispanic’s, the disabled, women, and anyone else that he feels the urge to insult. Trump is still the bigot that he ever was. He’s just trying to make you believe he is more presidential. It’s probably his family behind this “New” Trump. But nothing can change the reckless, loose cannon that is Donald.

Would any sane person want this man running our country? Only those who hate anyone who isn’t an old, white dude would. They are signing on to his means spirited, wacky, say it like it is personality. If he’s the one for you then he speaks for you. Own it. Are you really that much of a hater that you would vote for this lunatic?

If the answer is yes then you are just as bad as he is. You love guns, you like the white supremacist’s message, since you all want your country back, meaning a white America where people of color and women are not included. It’s the old white men’s club, just look at Trump rallies, mostly old white dudes.

Birds of a feather, crap together. If you got any of it on you then you are part of the problem.
The Trump I saw today was like a Trojan Horse. Looks good on the outside but there’s hate on the inside.
Same Trump, different day. America wake up.

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