Trump’s administration’s “Punch the Hippie” campaign.

Every day the Trump administration’s “Punch the Hippie” campaign moves closer to the punch. Whether it’s challenging Marijuana states rights, to reversing Obama’s ban on off-shore drilling in California. This administration is going straight for the baby boomers who are retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day.

Everything the hippie culture stands for, from protecting our environment, acknowledging global warming, to organic food to it’s live and let live culture, to equal rights for people of color and protecting women’s rights. Trump and his side-kick Jeff Sessions are bound and determined to “Punch the Hippie”.

While women wait for equal pay for equal work, they continue to be paid 78 cents on the dollar that men make doing the same job. Trump’s child-like, embarrassing behavior to the world is telling the world that America has checked out.

So continue to watch this unraveling, freak show it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Well, we better make sure that Trump doesn’t start a nuclear war with his “I have a bigger button remarks. “Really, are you kidding me?”

All we can hope for is Mueller will take him down before he ruins America’s reputation. Where is the outrage? Are we so used to this idiotic man? That no one is willing to stand in the fire? Shame on Republican’s for standing beside him, each jockeying to be his b****.

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