Trump’s Lies Matter

Trump’s Lies Matter. The lies continue on a daily basis. How can this guy keep getting everything wrong? He said that the Boy Scouts called him and said his speech was the best speeches of all time. Lie, the Boy Scout leader wrote his parents and Boy Scouts an apology for the Presidents speech being so political and divisive. Not to mention that the President swore and I think made a fool of him self. Again.

Then Donald Trump announced that the head of Mexico called him and thanked him for his stance on immigration. A lie. The Mexican government reported that no call took place. Oh, and it get’s even worse.
Today he announced that he wanted to change that unfair to whites thing called affirmative action. The poor, discriminated against white people are fighting back. Why should minorities and women be given preferential treatment when applying for colleges?Yeah, white people just are so down trodden that they need help in getting into colleges. Wrong, again.

The other day he wages war against transgender people in the military. He wants nearly 4000 soldiers to be expelled, just because they are transgendered. Something about the high cost of their medical care. Of course, the millions of dollars spent on giving soldiers Viagra is just fine. Where does Trump get all these ideas? Who does this guy think he is?

Mr. Trump is at an all time low, he has a 33 percent approval rate. That’s right, 33 percent of American’s like how he is doing. And 54 percent of older American’s don’t like what he’s all about. People voted for this clown because they liked his TV show, they liked his absolute rudeness to every candidate he came up against. Most white people voted for him because they don’t like the fact that equality is given to people of color, women, gays, transgenders, and immigrants. They want the world the way it used to be, run by old, white men. And the fact that Trump is a bigot didn’t deter them from voting for him.

What really depresses me is that many white women voted for Trump. When we had a chance to vote for a highly qualified woman, who would have been our first woman President, and yet they voted for Trump. They say the majority of people who voted for Trump were older, white, uneducated people. How could those women forget about all the misogyny and the allegations that he groped women and grabbed them by the p****? What a creep. You are now getting what you voted for. Buyers remorse? Ya think?

So where does that leave Progressives who were so proud of the direction of where the country was going? Who through Mr. Obama, was finally seeing their dreams being built, the baby boomers who started the civil rights and women’s movement, who started the organic industry, who started the environmental awareness to save our earth by cutting back on fossil fuels and promoting and investing in alternative energies? So many of us are now disillusioned, we’ve been waiting for so long for our progressive values to be finally accepted.

And then came Trump, he’s cutting regulations so that our water and air is dirtier. He’s turning away from alternative energies and investing in pipelines and nuclear energy. He’s trying to build a wall to keep out the people who care for our children, or work in the fields so we can eat. He’s taking us to the brink of a nuclear war with another insane leader in N. Korea. Is no one else alarmed? Do you want this President with his hand on the nuclear button? Heck, I live in Oregon one of the places his missiles] can reach. Is no one else listening to this daily embarrassment?

Something’s got to change, we either wait four long years or we let the investigation into the Trump administration colluding with Russia to take down Hillary which will lead to impeachment. Do we have time before he does something stupid?

Trump's lies Matter

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