Trump’s response to Portland’s attack on the train is too little, too late.

Trump’s response to Portland’s attack on the train is too little, too late. Trump has a lot of nerve commenting on the savage stabbing of two men who came to the rescue of two women. One of the women was wearing a burka. This outrageous act comes out of the Presidency that is lenient to those who stand with the white supremacist, alt-right agenda. Our President is close with one of the biggest supporters of the alt-right, Mr. Bannon, who is an advisor to the President.

Our President is responsible for the actions of his deplorable’s who “Want their country back” who want whites to be in control over everyone else. Trump, by his own actions and speech, is awakening all that is bad about our country. He insults Muslims by trying to ban them from our country. he insults women and people of color, he mocks the disabled. His policies are trying to take away the health care from 24 million Americans. He’s a mess.

He is not my President. And he will never be my President. The majority of people in this country voted for Hillary. She would have been a better President and everyone knows it. To those who voted for Trump: “how do you like him now?”
I watch him every day stepping on the toes of everyone he comes into contact with. He insults Nato members, they dislike him so much that they announced that they won’t be depending on America for their support. They distrust Trump and feel as if he would make poor decisions in an emergency. Ya think?

His reaching out to the victim’s of Portland’s train incident is pure hypocrisy. He is part of the hatred that has been awakened in our country. If he really wants to stop the hate he should stop trying to ban people from our country, stop disrespecting women, stop grabbing women by the p****. Until then his words mean nothing.

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