Trump’s Trojan Horse

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Trump’s Trojan Horse just rolled into town. He keeps bedazzling us with his ridiculous solutions, hate speech and downright misogynist views of the world. Today he announced his list of possible Supreme Court justices he will propose if elected as our President.

Choosing from the most conservative, and self-described “moral” people from the Heritage group, who would love to weaken or even reverse Roe V Wade. Who wouldn’t even acknowledge that gays and transgenders have rights? Do we really want to go back to Trumps and his followers”GOOD OLD DAYS?”
Was this list, (of mostly men by the way), an attempt by Trump to placating his party? Prove he is conservative enough. Was this one of many pages of the GOP parties suggestions that came out of his meeting with Paul Ryan?

Women better wake up. The only person that will keep women’s reproductive rights, and keep Planned Parenthood funded is Hillary Clinton. She is also the only one who will ask for equal pay for equal work? In the 200 years of male monopoly have the men of the Congress made income equality their priority? It’s time for the white male to take the silver spoon of privilege out of his mouth and share the playing field with women and people of color.

When Trump calls women slobs, bimbo’s and dogs, and asks for women to be punished when they have abortions. What world do we live in where that is acceptable? One in three women have had abortions, perhaps they haven’t told anyone, but women need to keep their reproductive rights. Perhaps men should get vasectomy’s to prevent any unexpected pregnancies. Where is that line to have that done?

In a country where women are the majority, why are we still making 79 cents on the dollar doing the same job a man does? It’s not propaganda, it’s truth. By the time a woman is 65 she loses $143,000 in lost income due to the gender gap. Where is the outrage for that?

Trump insults Hispanics calling them rapists and murderers, he wants to ban all Muslims from entering this country. Why wasn’t this guy laughed off the first debate stage? I will tell you why, there is a radical right, of old white dudes, who hate anyone who isn’t white. Who want to have back the good ole days where white guys ruled. Too bad, the world now includes people of color and women.
Like it or lump it, the world has changed. Get over it.[caption id=”attachment_208769″

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