Two Trustworthy Non Profits

Through the years I have worked with many non-profits but there are two that I believe in and have worked with. Sometimes working with a charity one can see lots of what one doesn’t want or need to see but these two charities are ones that close to 30 years later, I can still support. 

Mid-City Nutrition

The first trustworthy non profit is called Mid-City Nutrition. It is a program that provides meals for people week after week without fail. It provides a big lunch and soup and a sandwich each evening. There are often donations that can be taken home for breakfast or snacks. The meals are good, they are homemade and it is staffed primarily with teams of volunteers and it has been operating this way for at least 25 years. 

There are often pieces of furniture and clothes that are donated that go through Mid-City Nutrition. It is a community trusted source of help. 

UMCOR United Methodist Committee on Relief

A second trustworthy non profit I know of that changes lives (and has for 75 years) has it’s roots in disaster relief. They are amazingly efficient and are able to grow communities until they not only have learned how to better take care of themselves but others. 

UMCOR collects six  types of kits that are available to help in times of disasters (they do other things also but the backbone of the assistance the assistance they provide is through these kits:

  • bedding kits
  • health kits
  • birthing kits
  • layette kits
  • sewing kits
  • school kits 
  • cleaning bucket 

On the UMCOR Website there is a page that states what kits UMCOR needs and has room for. Because of disasters that have happened recently they now need health kits and school kits.

Through the years they have found out what is helpful to them and what isn’t. This means that each kit is strictly made to certain specifications. Some examples for the health kits are that they have trouble with certain types of soap due to the moisture content, people don’t have places to keep long combs, metal nail files are much better than emery boards which fall apart and towels need to be to the size specified. 

Another reason for each kit to be exactly as specified is that each country has different things they will let in. The items in each kit are what are most likely to get into the biggest number of countries and are usable in the largest number of situations. They support disasters here stateside and abroad. 

It always makes me smile that not only is one to make the kit out of one’s own pocket (or a church groups pocket) but they are also to send $1 for each kit sent to help send the kits to where they need to end up. 

UMCOR also teaches communities how to better take care of themselves and the communities that surround them, that community gains in pride. The Huffington Post wrote an article about this in 2013. 

Through the years I have learned to admire any non-profit that can mobilize and maintain large groups of volunteers over time to help continually, year after year. Both of these non-profits are supported by churches with few paid staff maintaining the work they need to do. 


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