Tudor Halloween Costume Ideas: Anne Boleyn Costume

Anne Boleyn costume

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Halloween is just around the corner. For those looking for great Tudor Halloween costume ideas, what about going as Anne Boleyn? She still remains a favorite for many, mainly due to the way she died. The benefit is that it is very easy to make a medieval style dress look like an Anne Boleyn costume.

Anne Boleyn is so popular that The Vampire Diaries used it. Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert and her onscreen love interest Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) went to a costume party as Anne and her husband Henry VIII. Here are some ideas for your costume.

Anne Boleyn Dresses for All

There are various dresses for your Anne Boleyn costume online. eBay has a range of affordable options, but the quality can be a little lower. My wedding dress makes a great Tudor Halloween costume, but I do admit that I sacrificed special material for the price, as we did a wedding on a very tight budget. I’d still use it for a costume now, though. It’s great for those who only want to wear a dress the once.

If you do want better quality, Amazon has great options. The Anne Boleyn Women’s Costume by Rubie’s Costume Co. is a great option. The red dress has the traditional straight neckline and long sleeves. There is a gold inlay for the chest and lower part of the dress. A red and gold headdress is also included.

While the image for the dress includes the iconic ‘B’ necklace, it is not included in the dress.

Add the ‘B’ for Boleyn

The necklace is the part that gives you away as the ill-fated queen. You need to add it to your dress, whether you opt for an expensive option or a cheaper version. The good news is there are B

Tudor Halloween costume ideas

Image from Amazon

necklaces that look stylish at an affordable price.

The faux pearl necklace from Westair is a choker style, and looks very similar to those portraits of the queen. The B will hang on the chest, and there are the three iconic faux pearls hanging at the bottom of the B. It uses a T-bar fastener at the back to make sure it doesn’t come undone accidently.

There are lots of Tudor Halloween costume ideas out there, and this Anne Boleyn one is great for those who want to go as an ill-fated queen. You can even add some makeup to give yourself a pale complexion or to have a red mark around your neck to indicate the fate you face as the character. Impress everyone with your beautiful gown and iconic chain.

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