Turn Out The Lights When Playing Shadows in The Forest

Kids are drawn to interactive games because they get to do more than just look at a screen. But long before digital there were board games that let (required) the child to participate in order to play. So what can a board game do to make that participation even more exciting? Take away the lights and make the game a “dark” adventure which is literally played in the dark. But of course Shadows in The Forest provides the illumination needed to strategize success.

Designed for 2 or more players ages 8+, this is a board game unlike others, for one thing it’s played with the lights off. Spooky? Sure, but scary not so much, even though the trees of this forest cast looming shadows. But before the game begins, the board must be set up right. That means making sure the little lantern has batteries, and the forest, with its mysterious and hidden sections have been assembled and placed on the board. Besides the lantern, also placed on the board are the “Shadowlings,” strange creatures of the night which abhor the light. One player gets to try and find them using the LED lantern as it moves about the board. The other players strive to move the Shadowlings so that they stay out of the light and in the shadows now being cast by the lantern — those hidden areas of the forest now coming in handy because light can freeze them (though they can also be “unfrozen”). Strategy and yes, some luck will enable either the lantern holder or those rooting for the Shadowlings to be the winners.

So there’s 10 hiding (hidden) places to put into position and use; there’s 6 Shadowlings and 6 Shadowlings masks (too small for the players but not for the Shadowlings); there’s the game board and the LED lantern. And because it makes sense, there’s a glow-in-the-dark die for rolling and getting to move about the game board. Which itself folds up when it’s time to be put away. So put everything together place it on a table or on the floor and gather around — just watch out for what lurks in the dark!

Even though there’s some learning involved with the physics of light and shadows, Shadows in The Forest wants those playing it to have fun. Can the lantern holder find all the Shadowlings and “freeze” them with the light? Can the Shadowlings avoid the light and gather together at one of the hiding places? Only by playing can one find out. It retails for $24.99.

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