TV Miniseries: The Feast of All Saints (2001)

When you hear the name Anne Rice, if you’re like most people you think of vampires. So I was rather surprised several years back when a miniseries was aired on television called the “The Feast of All Saints”.


This miniseries is an adaptation of a book by Ms. Rice about people of color, not slaves but free, who lived in New Orleans, Louisiana during the 19th century.

  • It included many African-American actors whose work was and is already well-known, such as the late Eartha Kitt, the late Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, and Ben Vereen.
  • It introduced other not as familiar actors of color like: Gloria Reuben, Robert Ri’chard, and Nicole Lynn.

I have yet to read the book; but the televised series was excellent from start to finish, and very educational. Learned about a part of American history that is practically unknown.

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