Types of strawberries

Not all strawberries are the same. There are several strawberry varieties I will share with you.

There is the hood variety of strawberries. You usually have to be in Oregon to get this variety of strawberries if you want them fresh and to taste their best. They don’t taste as good when driven on a truck to the east coast from the west coast. When we imagine a strawberry this is what we imagine it should taste like when we bite into a delicious fresh strawberry.

When you see all the strawberries at your local supermarket or farmers market, you might not buy the all-star variety of strawberries. The reason you might not buy these is  because they aren’t as red as the ones you see in pictures in cooking magazines., But don’t let that fool you.. Granted they aren’t the bright red we think of when we think of strawberries, but they are a juicy and sweet strawberry that is delicious. You don’t even have to have a recipe for a tart, or jam, just put them with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette over them, and they will be the best tasting strawberry you ever ate.

Mignonette is another variety of strawberry.You won’t find these every summer as they are rare and hard to find but when you do find them be sure to buy some, or you won’t know the great taste you are missing. These are smaller than the giant red strawberry we are used to eating. They are delicious in a tart with their powerful strawberry taste.


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