Udonis Haslem Continues to Make Contributions

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Udonis Haslem is a Power forward for the Miami Heat. Haslem has three championships with the Miami Heat. Haslem was born and raised in Florida and he attended Miami Senior High School. Udonis brought a lot to the Miami High basketball team. He helped them win the 1997 State Title. He was coached by Frank Martin and he’s currently the South Carolina head coach. 

College Career

Udonis Haslem took his college career to the University of Florida on a athletic Scholarship. He played for the University of Florida from 1998-2002. I’m sure the Florida Gators were proud to have him as their starting Center for four years. In his Sophomore year Haslem helped his team advance  to the NCAA Men’s Division. “Not bad Haslem.”

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Signing With the Heat

Udonis Haslem signed with the Miami Heat in 2003. He played in the Rookie Challenge. Haslem’s tough rebounding and his impressive 15 foot jump shout helped the team tremendously. Haslem worked hard then and he continues to work hard now. He knows how to bring it in for the team. “Pat yourself on the back.”

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His Foundation

Udonis Haslem’s Organization is called the Children’s Foundation INC. The Foundation assist with reading readiness and development. The Mission Statement says, “The Udonis Haslem Children’s Foundation mission is to promote youth development and self confidence through programs and services designed to enable them to reach their full personal and educational potential.”

Udonis is a big part of the Miami Heat Organization. He continues to make a difference. Because of Haslem’s contributions and continue support for his community, he’s been chosen as a “Remarkable Person, he certainly deserves it. “Thank you Haslem.” You’re certainly Remarkable. 




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Author’s notes: This article is apart of the Remarkable Person Project. The project acknowledges African American men and women for their craft and contributions to society. 


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