Some are Unable to Prove What They’re Declaring

Proof is needed in order for convictions,” lawsuits”, and other matters. When information is supplied and the information untrue considered slander. Slanderous information can float all about especially online. Persons who slander others can be sued. Slander is a tactic competitors like to use to discourage their competition or to force their competition to give in. Slanderous information can be damaging. Even if a situation appears to be one way but if not proven then there’s no justifications. 

Some may become irritated when they’re unable to get their way so they’ll try to discredit their competition in order to get ahead or to stay ahead. Although slander can be damaging there is no need to get all bent out of shape. When looking into matters law enforcement will seek to see if the individuals involved are credible and once they’ve “established credibility.” They’re aware there will be some who will still make attempts to try to discredit others. 

Some will try to set up others as a means of destroying their reputation or to cause harm. The ones who do so are unhealthy mentally. No matter how others try to destroy another the truth will eventually come out. Law Enforcement has experience dealing with witnesses who turn out to not be reliable or credible. Some may need or want what an idea or “vision” one has and may try all sorts of tactics to obtain it. 

No matter what’s said there will need to be proof. In such situations law enforcement could be monitoring and would know what is what anyway. That’s when lawyers should be involved because the situations can suggest some are willing to go further and not only try to discredit others but to seek revenge for whatever they feel has taken place. 

There’s some who will become upset enough “to risk their freedom.” Going out of their way to try and bring a person or persons down. In any competitive arena there will be some who are overly competitive and will do just about anything to gain in some way. It’s best to obtain legal advice in such matters and in some cases obtaining protection orders may be necessary. 

Some may not understand how their actions could cause visitations into the court of law. Perhaps some aren’t concerned about such matters but any continuous attacks is considered harassment. Put slander and harassment together and some could receive a hefty settlement. Certainly depends on the individuals involved. If devices are used to harass another then “the information should be notated for lawyers as well as law enforcement.” Some will go way too far and in some cases will need to be detained in order to stop the harassment. 

Never Allow the Mistreatment and get Through the Attacks

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