Unfortunate Events and the Despaired People

Unfortunately there’s so many people on the brink of destruction. Not knowing exactly what to do they’ll end up sabotaging their own fortunes. Self destructing, that’s how so many end up in the gutter somewhere, not doing what’s right at anytime. There are some who continue to display odd behavior. Perhaps more in tuned with challenging others and not focusing on the positives. Too much negativity and one could lose their mind. “A lot of desperation” and although some may have their so called fortune. Eventually they’ll end up either losing their wealth or losing something precious to the individuals. 

The destruction continues. It’s really unfortunate when so many want to see a decline in orders. The crab mentality hasn’t faded away. Some truly believe if they work hard enough to pull others down then they’ll become winners. In fact they’re losing and will be losers. There’s nothing to gain by destroying another who is simply trying “to prosper.” The overly competitive beings will continuously try because they want to stay ahead. Some will use some of the most destructive tactics but end up placing themselves in quick sand. 

Too many have merely accepted such behaviors either because they’re afraid to take a stand or they’re apart of the group that wants to see some fail. Mankind can be pretty cruel. Some may not even try to be kind or do what’s right. Every person has flaws. “There is no person who is without flaws.” God the Creator of Heavens and Earth is without any flaws. No man or woman can be God or Jesus Christ but some are surely trying to be both. 

There is also the race of being first. The ones who are use to being the center of attention will try their very best to make sure others aren’t excelling. The reason why so many try to sabotage is because they’re not pleased with self. They’re dissatisfied with their progress, “accomplishments,” and are afraid that others will go above and beyond the individuals. A lot may continue to try and alter perceptions but in the long run they’ll end up causing their own decline. 

Competition forces so many to do some of the most ridiculous things. Some trying to cause a demise or to simply stop “movements” from occurring. At some point he individuals will have to surrender and either take their punishment here or there. Meaning Heaven or Hell. Some may not be concerned about what will occur after living here on earth and that’s why they’ll continue doing what they’re doing. 

So many are lost. They’re in the dark and not willing to see the light. Some may never stop conning others. There are some who have been manipulating others all of their lives. A lot will try to discredit others in order to gain or perhaps gain more. Will they gain more? Probably not. The ones who are trying to cause a nowhere will be “surprised” about their progress. Some never learn what it means to be humble. 

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