US PGA Golf Prize Money 2015

Today is the final round of the US PGA golf tourament and everyone wants to know the US PGA Golf Prize money or prize purse as it is sometimes known as. 

The total US PGA prize money stands at a staggering 10 million dollars. This is the same amount as 2014, which is strange as they normally increase the prize purse every year. I wish I was good enough to compete for that! The winner of this coveted tournament will walk away with a cool 1.8 million dollars. I am sure that will buy a nice house with a sea view or several sports cars. 

Second place, runner up in the US PGA also takes home over 1 million dollars with 10th place getting just over a quarter of a million dollars. In fact someone in 77th place gets a nice pay check of $17300 proving that you do not have to be one of the top golfers to make lots of money from golf.

Image is Pixabay.

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