Use Artwork to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

When faced with limited living space, you are forced to be more creative and practical with interior design choices. A large box is not too different from a small condo studio unit. I remember one summer when my college friend had to transfer to a new residence near the university campus, we had no idea what to do with the blank room. After placing the bed, chairs, and small table, the place looked like a prison cell. It was so ascetic and bland. 

We walked to a nearby café across the street and noticed that there was a thrift shop on the next block. We forgot about the coffee and headed to the thrift shop to rummage for something we can use to decorate the room. We found two framed art pieces. One was a Chinese print in rectangular frame and another was an abstract oil painting in a square frame. 

English: A living room of an apartment in the ...

English: A living room of an apartment in the historic Stafford apartment building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As soon as we reached the condo unit, we placed the paintings on the walls after some minor carpentry work. The paintings were positioned at eye level to leave enough room above and below the frame. This trick creates an illusion of more vertical space. It’s amazing how paintings can make a small room look bigger than it is.




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