Is Used Concrete Trailer Pumps Require High Maintenance?

Concrete trailer pumps for sale are now very commonly used construction projects all over the world. However, to make sure that the pump works in the best possible condition, it is very important to lubricate and maintain in a correct and timely manner. In this post, we will have a look at the maintenance requirements of these pumps and some important maintenance tips. Keep reading to know more.


Concrete trailer pumps now play a very important role in the construction projects all over the world. Several brands now offer these pumps in many different sizes and with different features and specifications. While these pumps are far more economical and easy to use as compared to traditional methods used for transferring liquid concrete.

However, to make sure that the pump works in the best possible condition it is very important to ensure that it is maintained in a correct and timely manner. Let us have a look at the maintenance requirements of these pumps and some important tips that can make the maintenance process quick and simple.

Maintenance Requirements of Concrete Trailer Pumps

The maintenance requirements of concrete trailer pumps depend on a number of factors, like the valve/piston design, accessibility to the components which require cleaning and servicing, and the number of parts that wear.

To simplify the lubrication process, many of the pumps now have a centralized lubrication system which allows the operators to lubricate the important service points easily. For easy cleaning, it is better to go for a removable or hinged hopper and hinged manifold for discharge which do not require any additional tools for disassembly. If you are planning to buy used concrete trailer pumps for sale, make sure that you buy one from a reputed seller.

Some Important Maintenance Tips for These Pumps: 

Regular Cleaning: Make sure that you clean the pump after every use. To ensure that the pump remains clean, protect the diesel cement pump from the environmental factors.

Regular Lubrication: Make sure that you regularly lubricate the pump to reduce the mechanical wear and tear.

Check for Loose Ends: Once in a month, make sure that you look for the loose parts in the pump and fasten it adequately.

Hydraulic Oil is Important: Regularly add hydraulic oil to the pump and if you find that the oil is lacking in any of the parts, stop the pump immediately to prevent any kind of damage or accident.

Buy Quality Parts: To reduce the maintenance requirements, look for pumps that feature components which are made from long-wearing materials, like pistons made from forged steel and hard-chromed pump cylinders.

To ensure that the used concrete trailer pump continues to deliver the expected results, it is very important to create a maintenance and lubrication schedule and stick to it or choose the best concrete pump brand to save time and money? And make sure that you keep the points mentioned above in mind during the maintenance process as they will only enhance the life of your concrete trailer pump.

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