Used Go-Kart For Sale Under $200

If you’re enthusiastic enough about go-Karting, you certainly need to buy and own a brand new go-kart vehicle. However, not everyone is able to own it due to its expensive and costly market price.

A racing go-kart cost within the range of $500 to $1000 depends on what kinds of extending features such as speed performance, sizes and model. Most of kart racers prefer electric powered kart compare with motor based. It’s more cost efficient in fuel consumption and easy to maintain.

The drawback of an electric kart is usually being powered by 12-Volt of batteries that would need to recharge back every time prior of using it.

So, instead of owning a new kart you can proceed to an alternative cheaper option is by getting an used go-kart.

The price of used go-kart normally falls cheaper 50% compare with a brand new from the market. If you put more effort in research, you might able to get a 70% discount price kart online.

With a $200 budget on hand, you definitely can find a better used go-kart online.

A Monster Moto Go-Kart cost around $600 with brand new price but you can get a cheaper on eBay or craigslist. This motor powered kart is every racer dream machine with 79cc OHV engine, 2.5 HP rated power, automatic transmission type and pull starter. You can’t ask for more with this reasonable price.

Furthermore, it’s features with durable tube steel frame, protective roll bar, formed bucket seat and able to carry a maximum of rider weight 130 lbs.

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