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In physics, plasma gets described as a state of matter, just like solids, liquids and gasses. Plasma is highly used in industrial settings also. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine finds wider acceptance and widespread applications in different types of industries. Industrial uses of plasma cutting technology are very popular. Most of the industries use the plasma cutting technology to cut their solid products and design their products according to their desire shapes. Through this cutting process, fabricators can mold, cut and reshape their products according to their needs.

Plasma Cutting Machine

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What is Plasma?

Plasma can be defined as an ionized gas comprising positive ions and free electrons in such a proportion, which results in almost no overall electric charge. This is done at low pressures (like the upper atmosphere and in fluorescent lamps) or at extremely high temperatures (like stars and nuclear fusion reactors). This definition could be availed from popular and reliable online sources.

  • It was first described by chemist Irving Langmuir in the 1920s.
  • Lightning and neon lights are commonplace generators of plasma.
  • Unlike other states of matter, plasma mostly cannot be found naturally on the Earth’s surface under normal conditions.
  • This is why it needs to be artificially generated from neutral gases.
  • With the proper heat pressure, people can design their products with solid metal such as steel, rough iron and brass through this plasma cutting technology.

Industrial or Commercial Plasma

Plasmas find wide applications in many fields of research, technology and industry. Plasma can artificially created in a laboratory setting and for industrial use can be termed as Industrial or Commercial Plasma. Industrial plasma find extensive uses in industrial specialized industrial settings like for example-

  • Industrial and extractive metallurgy fields
  • Surface treatments such as Plasma Spraying (coating) in automobile repair shops
  • Etching in microelectronics
  • Metal cutting and welding in factories
cnc plasma cutting machine

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What is Plasma Cutter?

It helps cutting metals in a particular fashion like bevels that find a great many uses in several industries. A hand-held plasma torch can prove to be an excellent and easy-to-use tool for quickly cutting through sheet metal, metal plates, straps, bolts, pipes, etc.

This plasma torch, however, cannot meet the expectation in large scale industrial settings. They cannot be successfully used to get satisfactory accuracy or edge quality for most metal fabrication. This is where the need for more sophisticated and advanced CNC Plasma Cutter is felt.

What is CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

CNC is the stands for Computer Numerical control. CNC machines are actually electro-mechanical devices that help manipulating machine shop tools, by the use of computer programming inputs. It carries a torch (plasma torch) that can be moved in a path directed by the computer.

CNC Plasma Cutting machines simply denotes the idea of a machine that can cut bevels using CNC Plasma technology, which is highly advanced and sophisticated that can make industrial work easier and quicker. The fabricator can use the 3D designs and they can change the design according to their needs. Afterward, they can develop the same design with the raw metal sheets through these plasma cutting tools.

What Types of Gases are used with Plasma Cutting Machines?

One has to carefully and appropriately make a selection of the type of gas, to be used with CNC Plasma cutter, when cutting various types of metal.

  • Nitrogen is used to cut thick metal
  • Oxygen used to cut Carbon steel
  • Argon-Hydrogen used to cut Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

The chemical reaction that takes place between the Oxygen in the plasma gas and the base metal facilitates accelerating the cutting process and enhances the edge quality.

Oxygen, however, does not react the same way with Stainless Steel or Aluminum. This is why less expensive gases are used for these metals, like Nitrogen or compressed air (which is mostly Nitrogen).

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