Using A Stats To Improve Your Golf Game

 Have you been keeping stats on your golf game? Most amateur golfers don’t keep very detailed stats on their rounds.

golfveld / golf course (Photo taken in Goa, India)

golfveld / golf course (Photo taken in Goa, India) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They may put the amount of putts, but as for knowing what the average distance of their drives down to the exact yard, I would guess most don’t. I do think that by keeping a detailed account of our rounds we can improve our golf game. 

  If you are serious about improving your game and want to find a way to see exactly where you are at then using a system to keep track of all your weaknesses and strengths will help you know where to focus. By seeing the numbers you can objectively determine what areas you need to work on the most. 

  Having knowledge of your game in numbers can also help you make adjustments out on the course too. Your awareness of what is going on within your game will help you not become frustrated and emotional when the going gets rough. Every golfer has bad holes, but making those bad holes not sting as bad will help us keep our score card lower. Personally, I’ve created a statistical system that I find to be enjoyable and useful in helping me play better golf. 

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