VCR Repairs: A Logic Puzzle

I love to write pencil puzzles and here is a fun logic puzzle I created just for you! Do you remember the old VHS tapes and the clunky VCRs that played them? This story puzzle reminds us of all the problems those relics used to develop. Not familiar with logic puzzles? See the note for a link to a helpful website.

Jeff Carter VCR 650

Play me! (Photo by Jeff Carter Flickr)


VCR Repairs: A Logic Puzzle


People laughed when Vic, Craig, and Ray opened up VCR Repairs. “No one uses VCRs anymore,” they scoffed. But the first day, four customers hauled in their old dinosaur video recorder machines for repairs. Each day, Monday through Thursday, a different customer came in to get his or her repaired video recorder. Each repair bill was for a different amount of money, ranging from under $50 to over $100.


From this information and the following clues, can you figure out who collected their machine each day, what was wrong with the VCR, and the final cost of repair?

Note: if you need help in learning how to solve logic puzzles, see Dell/Pennypress site

  1. The four customers were Wilma, the person whose machine had no sound, the individual who paid $108, and the one who picked up his or her VCR on Tuesday.
  2. The person whose dinosaur won’t rewind the VHS tapes didn’t have the bill for $48.
  3. The client who wrote the $98 check came in sometime before customer whose machine ate tapes like potato chips, and that person came in the day before Fred did.
  4. The person who couldn’t see a picture because of the snowy screen (not Wilma) came in sometime before Barney, who came in the day before the person plopped a $50 bill and a $10 on the counter.
  5. Fred (who paid $60) didn’t pick up his player on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  6. Betty didn’t get hers on Monday.
VCR Repair Table

The author created this table to help you solve this puzzle.


Whose VCR is in the repair shop in this logic puzzle? Brad Montgomery Flickr

Whose VCR is in the repair shop in this logic puzzle? Brad Montgomery Flickr


VCR Repairs: A Logic Puzzle Answer

By clue 5, Fred paid $60 and didn’t pick his VCR up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Clue 3 tells us that someone picked up the machine that ate tapes came in the day before Fred did and the person who paid $98 was sometime before the tape eater. Since the first customer took his or her VCR on Monday, Fred was Thursday’s customer and the one whose beast ate his or her fave tapes was Wednesday’s customer. By clue 4, Barney got the tape-eating dinosaur on Wednesday so Wilma and Betty were Monday and Tuesday’s customers, in some order. Clue 6 tells us that Betty picked hers up on Tuesday. Wilma, then, took hers home on Monday. By clue 1, the four customers were Wilma (who took hers on Monday), Tuesday’s customer (who was Betty), the person whose player had no sound, and the individual who had the $108 bill, in some order. Since Fred did not pay $108 (clue 5), his dinosaur had no sound. By the same logic, Barney’s machine — that ate his prized copy of How the Flintstones Saved Christmas and two other tapes — cost $108 to repair. Clue 4 tells us that Wilma’s machine did not have a snowy screen, so hers was the old contraption that did not rewind. Betty, then, didn’t like watching a snowy screen. In conclusion, the customer whose machine wouldn’t rewind didn’t have the $48 bill (clue 2) so Wilma paid $98 and Betty shelled out $48.


Here are the answers, listed by day, customer, problem, and bill:

Monday, Wilma, no rewind, $98

Tuesday, Betty, snowy screen, $48

Wednesday, Barney, ate tapes, $108

Thursday, Fred, no sound, $60


Want to know more about VCR machines?

Users sometimes referred to the videocassette recorder or VCR as a “video recorder.” It was the forerunner of the DVD and the digital recording machines that record live television. If you are interested in learning more about this dinosaur technology, visit “Videocassette recorder” on Wikipedia.

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