Voices of The Night (Beautiful Chill Out Mix)

A desert oasis at midnight.  A dark blue velvet sky and a silver moon. Your sheik just offered you a fig.  You must be listening to beautiful chill out music like “Voices of The Night”.



Do you enjoy CHILL OUT music? I do. What exactly is that type of music you ask? My answer is:

  • “Planning a romantic interlude at home (because you can’t afford to go out and you also want your privacy)? Then you’ll want music that transports you and your significant other to an exotic oasis in the desert, complete with glowing moonlight, a thick quilted blanket type futon mattress to lie down on and huge comfortable colorful pillows. Nobody else is there. It’s just you and your sheik.” 🙂

Via eMail, I receive the latest videos from my YouTube channel subscriptions, along with video suggestions YT thinks I might like. Must admit, loved all of their recommendations this time. Particularly this one: Voices of The Night (Beautiful Chill Out Mix). Listen. The music will definitely take you places in your heart and mind that nobody gets to visit but you!  But although this is a good choice by YT, my spouse picks ’em better!  He has always had good taste in music.  Much better than mine. 🙂


The other two videos suggested were Seal and Herb Alpert. Love both guys but they don’t do what chill out music does for me.  I must have my pillows.  🙂

Thai Silk decorative pillowImage: Handmade Decorative Pillow Cover – Satin and Thai Silk


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