Volunteerism, Good for One’s Health

Good news to all retirees and those who do not have jobs and want to be active. Being a volunteer can be one of the best options to keep one busy and healthy as well. 

There were various researches that prove that volunteerism can enhance one’s health, as they associate it with the release of happy hormones that elevate one’s moods. 

Being involved in a group that helps other people in need can make one contented and happy that he is doing something meaningful to help achieve change in other people’s lives. 

Be it working with the poor, distributing food and other necessities, caring for elderly people in homes for the aged; caring for abandoned children in an orphanage, giving relief goods to calamity stricken areas, or teaching children in remote villages, teaching them about religiosity, among other volunteer works, can mean a lot for a volunteer worker.

There are various non-government organizations who need volunteers for their various programs in different countries. An interested person can search the internet for such organizations or groups that need volunteers. 



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