Vote Wisely This Upcoming Election

It is election again in the Philippines and there are many people who look forward to this big event in our country. I am already ready and sure for that and I am also very excited. I just hope and wished that the person I will choose for the position will do his job well for the people and for the country and fulfill his promises as well.

Before I decide to vote this upcoming election which is on May 9,2016, I study the people who run for the said elections and pray also that it is a successful one. For now, Philippines really need a leader that is tough and have dedication of his job as a leader because  I believe that there will be a good changes that the country will get fixed as well for all the worries and woes of the people which is the main concerns.  

They have different kinds of plans for the country and that is very encouraging for us especially to those who have no job and for the citizens that suffered from too much poverty and lack of education for the children. Like me as a mother, I feel worried for my children if I don’t have the income to support them and finance their needs in school and it is a big problem that every parents do feel not only me who is alone to worry about that in everyday.

Hopefully, this year will have a lot of changes and makes us happy and full of motivation about peace,living,job,and feel confident for our family and our children’s future will be reachable at last! It is a wonderful feeling that many will get benefited and the poverty is solve and the crime also is controlled. That’s why it is really important to vote wisely this election day. The single vote of a person is a lifetime key to great future that awaits and a big help for the nation most of all.Good luck to all and to God be the glory!

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