Persecution is a thorn

Are you going through persecution? If you’re a Christian, expect to be treated unfairly and cruelly by opponents and mockers of the cross of CALVARY. Count it all joy when you’re persecuted for the gospel of salvation.
Types of persecution
Persecution is the instance of one being punished, treated cruelly, or allowed no peace, especially on account of his religious beliefs. Persecution is scriptural, and comes naturally to the Christian who is uncompromising doer of GOD’S word.

Ways by which persecution can come

The ultimate aim is to cultivate the right attitude towards persecution.

There is the anointed preaching of the gospel, and the subsequent conversion of souls. When there is general persecution as some Christians are facing in countries where Christianity is not tolerated, we can get comfort from one another, knowing that we’re all passing through the same thing.

It could be PERSONAL, like when your husband maltreats you because you gave your life to JESUS CHRIST or vice versa. Also, when your parents maltreat you, maybe by refusing to pay your school fees because you are born again. It could also come as a silent or blatant threat to your job because you refuse to give or take a bribe or you refuse to sleep with your boss. Whichever way, when persecution is personal, the pressure and pain are yours, even though others could be of great encouragement to you.

It can also come in terms of PHYSICAL punishment and or death. The apostles were commanded not to speak in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Remember your life can be required because of HIM.

There is the mental or emotional persecution. This one touches the mind or the heart. An example is when your friends or family ostracize you, call you names, and will have nothing to do with you because you have decamped. Or the silent treatment you get in the office when you walk in and everybody remain silent and ignore you. It could be your spouse who keeps malice and refuse to talk to you.

So what should our attitude be?

We can do the following:
.pray about it
.escape or flee. It doesn’t mean you are a coward
.resist the devil
.use your common sense
.love and count it all joy when you fall into various trials.

Persecution must surely come, it is guaranteed. Only ask for HIS GRACE to overcome and endure til the end.

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