Wake Lightly To The BEDDI Glow Intelligent Alarm Clock

BEDDI Glow Intelligent Alarm Clock
Alarm clocks use to show you what time it was and made noises to get you awake. That’s the past. Today we expect an alarm clock to do a lot more – a LOT more – and the Beddi Glow Intelligent Alarm Clock answers the call and doesn’t disappoint.

The BEDDI Glow Intelligent Alarm Clock has a svelte but modern appearance, with the top half providing a digital clock for telling the time at a glance. But the bottom half goes way beyond that by having the equivalent of 16 million colors ready to display. Their purpose is twofold: the first to provide mood lighting or “dancing” in time to music it’s playing being a fun thing. And add to that the ability to be used as a night light or reading light since the brightness level is as controllable as the color chosen. The second purpose is more significant and helpful: it can simulate the warm light of sunrise which prods the DNA into waking more gently than being poked by a loud noise. This effect is a gradual one that increases in brightness over 30 minutes (customizable) and aids in preparing the body for rising ahead of the wake-up time.

Besides a “snooze” button, there’s also a “Smart Button.” It can be used for such things as playing music, telling the phone to make a noise in case it’s lost and more. It works with a simple press, double press and long press to do things (a “Light” button also behaves similarly for lighting effects). This is programmed by the free app that also enables a host of other functions, such as waking up to a Spotify or Apple Music playlist, playing Bluetooth-streamed music through its 5 watt speaker, for example. The time is auto set through the app and has 4 alarm settings for taking advantage of these different audio choices (which includes FM radio with a corresponding antenna). Or you go with the built-in alarm sounds. Other app features include a “white noise” generator for drowning out background noise to make sleeping easier. And if you take full advantage of the app, it can provide you with morning weather and traffic updates as easily as not. The app comes in both iOS and Android flavors.

Plus there’s the sensible addition of two high-speed USB charging ports, since the Beddi’s purpose is to be a part of your evening to morning schedule and it’s obvious that your phone/tablet is going to be sharing space with it on whatever surface its being used on.

The BEDDI Glow Intelligent Alarm Clock is compact enough to easily be placed on a night table or even a dorm room desk. It packs a lot into a $79.99 retail and makes using it while awake as enjoyable as having it wake you up.

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