Wake Up Power With The Sandman Clock

Sandman Clock

Nobody expects much from an alarm clock anymore — if it shows the time and goes off when set, what else can you ask for? How about making it more useful by turning it into a defacto charging station for all those battery-hungry devices now living with you, is what. So this 4-port USB Charging Sandman Clock takes the challenge and wins by doing just that.

As an alarm clock, it’s a ubiquitous white or black with a very large, well lit LED display (1.8″ digits). Bright enough to be seen from a distance, but with a sensible sensor hidden on the front reading the ambient light so it knows to dim itself when it’s time for a darker approach to being seen. AC powered, but with a battery backup to keep the alarm functioning if the grid fails overnight. And because it has plenty of electricity coursing through it, there’s power aplenty for those mobile devices.

The Sandman Clock has four USB ports in the back and so can deliver the power needed for up to 4 devices to be getting a charge concurrently. That means your smartphone and smart watch and tablet and smart whatever can all be right there on your night table in easy access and without long and potentially dangerous cables running amok (just use the short USB cables that never seemed useful before).  So yes the Clock is functioning full time like a USB Hub/Charging station, but one that is not taking up valuable space in the bedroom.

The SandMan Clock puts its time-changing controls on the back where it can be easily used while not deterring from the straightforward look you get when eyeballs are aimed at it. There’s a “snooze” to smack at too, just in case you were wondering. It retails for $44.99 regardless of color choice and makes finding a 21st Century reason for getting an alarm clock easy.

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