Want to be me Then go Through the Struggles

Never understood why individuals want to be another. Want to take control over a person’s identity. Not considering what some have to go through, the struggles, the pain and etc. Some may think that a person has an easy life because they’re looking from the outside and not knowing the real story. Imagine so many trying to take over an identity and the person fighting to keep their identity. My identity has been stolen. “Tanikka Paulk identity has been stolen.” 

Perhaps some are concerned about taking on a person’s identity. Some identities persons shouldn’t want to take over. Identity theft can ruin a person. A “determined” person will fight to get their identity back and to make sure the ones who have stolen their identity won’t steal identity again. The law isn’t the only enforcers. The Man above is the Judge and will make sure the individuals reap. Some may believe they’re entitled to take over an identity. 

For some stealing one’s identity can be revenge or perhaps desperation. There are some who can be so consumed with envy that they’ll steal an identity just to make the person’s life miserable. A lot of people may feel as if they’re in a position to punish others even if the persons have done nothing wrong. Some do so in a competitiveness “event.” Not wanting to see certain individuals get ahead. Some become envious because of a person’s shine.

If there’s no punishment by the law then God will see to the discipline. Reaping isn’t something God just speaks about. Reaping is real. The ones who think they’re making a person life miserable by causing havoc will certainly receive their reaping in due time. Not every individual who takes over an identity means to. Some are in desperate situations but should know not to steal identities. “There are some who will take over many identities because of some sort of mental illness.” 

Once an identity has been stolen. The person should contact financial institutions and credit card companies. Reports should be made. There’s so many who have suffered through identity theft and yes recovering from identity theft may take some time but no person should just sit back and allow the injustice to just linger on. Some may feel as if they’re in no “wrong” by hijacking a person’s identity but eventually they’ll have their day. If not in court then with God’s discipline. 

The law may not always get to investigating the identity theft and some citizens may have to conduct their own unofficial investigation. Law Enforcement may not have time or perhaps “depending on the individuals involved.” There certainly seems to be a lot of injustices taking place and for some reason doesn’t appear as if there’s any follow up going on. 

“There is Justice Even When There’s None in the Law of the Land. God’s Justice is Like no Other.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Author’s Notes: There are Strategies which work when dealing with the injustices. “Advocating.”  I’m still Keeping on “The Full Armor of God.”  me= Tanikka Paulk

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