Want to be Like Me huh???

Yes, yes, perhaps yes. “The evidence” reveals that some aren’t quite comfortable in their own skin. Imitating others and copying every move a person makes. Seems to be the norm well not really the norm but perhaps to some individuals it may appear that way. It’s a shame that so many are so focused on trying to create a downfall instead of trying to make a better and more stable economy. Perhaps some are afraid to be who they’re suppose to be. Could have something to do with hating on others and wanting to seek revenge. 

There’s a lot of people who are extremely insecure. Every person has some form of complex. Some becoming overly competitive and not knowing when to stop but not doing so can cause the individuals to suffer consequences they’re not prepared for. “It’s better to be self” and not anyone else. Pretending can sometimes get out of hand and really they’re impersonating, duplicating, and trying to copy. The originals hold up. Some trying to duplicate others not knowing exactly what the person’s life is really like. 

For some if they had to go through some of challenges then they’ll try to be themselves. Not everyone will go through the same battles. There’s so many who don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong by trying to become another. For some they’re not even copying the person but making it appear as if they’re using a person’s character. Being demonic. The reason why they’re trying to make the person look bad. Trying to gain control or envious. 

How to Deal With Such Individuals

There should be some discussion about their behavior and if they’re continuing on and their behavior turns into harassment. Authorities should be contacted when there’s threats, harassment, and bullying. The actions can be quite damaging. Some are so out of control and the only way for the victims to obtain a peace of mind is to have the persons arrested. “Authority figures should never allow these injustices to continue on. They’re the ones who are sworn to protect and serve.” 

That’s why so many end up in prison because they’re unable to stop they’re criminal ways. No impulse control or are ordered to behave abnormally. Either way there has to be some consequences. Some continue to harass others and steal their identities until the law intervenes. Perhaps they’re asking for some help. It appears that any person not able to stop impersonating another needs to seek professional help. There’s something mentally wrong and if there’s no help then the persons could continue to decline. 

Author’s Notes: My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m a victim of harassment, bullying, and I’m continuing to receive threatening messages through my devices. Online harassment and bullying and offline as well. I’m an advocate and have no tolerance for bullying. Bullying is a very sensitive subject matter due to the fact that one of my sons experienced severe bullying and wanted to commit suicide. Some may not be concerned about the devastation related to bullying but any advocate should be. 

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