Wart Removal with Lime Juice

Got unsightly warts and want to remove them? Try home remedies before running to a doctor.  Many times natural home remedies work better than medical solutions.

Meditations / Pixabay

Meditations / Pixabay

   The alternative to home remedies is cryosurgery or cauterization. Both medical methods are costly and could leave scars, so why not check your kitchen cabinet before checking with your doctor?

   Try lime.  The acidity in the lime juice kills the virus in the wart. Lemon juice can be used as well. before bedtime, soak a cotton ball with lime juice, hold it over the wart, and tape the cotton over the wart. Leave this on every night for 2 to 3 weeks. and soon you’ll see the wart leaving.

   Garlic can also be used. Cut a clove in half and use it the same way as lime juice. Be sure to rub the wart with garlic before applying the tape. One plus about sleeping with garlic attached to your body is that you’ll keep vampires away, if you believe the folk stories. But, perhaps the Transylvania villagers were referring to warts instead of the blood-sucking Count Draculas: a vampire as  hyperbole for a wart? It could work.

   Another idea-raw onion soaked in vinegar. Place the onion on the wart, affix it with a band-aid or tape; after a few days the wart will fall off. 

  Potato or banana skins can also be used in wart removal. But using a fruit or meat of a fruit or vegetable directly instead of a peeling reportedly has the better results.

   Wise words to heed: while one source said not to use these methods on flat facial warts,  another site didn’t even mention it.  So when it comes to facial warts, check with your health care provider and see if using lemon, lime juice or garlic is a viable alternative for flat facial wart removal. Sometimes flat warts are caused by disease and disappear when a person’s immunity system is strengthened.


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